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Wholesale eJuice Programs Designed For Success

Our unique wholesale structure allows for both the new and experienced retailers alike benefit from carrying Central Vapors e-liquid product line. Every bottle of eJuice is manufactured in the USA by passionate professionals trained in creating quality eJuice flavors that your customers will rave about. Our multi-level pricing on wholesale eJuice and Electronic Cigarettes allows small vape businesses the flexibility to grow, increase profits over time, and decrease costs with volume discounts. Grow your E-Liquid brand with private labeled eJuice bottles custom designed using your vapor stores name and logo. If tasty eJuice and quality E-Liquid is important in your business, call us today and speak with one of our wholesale representatives.


A Little History

Central Vapors has been gaining quite a large following after introducing our ever growing selection of e-Juice flavors and E-Cig product lines into the mainstream retail marketplace. Previously, Central Vapors strictly provided wholesale accounts to various vape shops across the Central United States before establishing a brand name presence in the retail electronic cigarette industry.

This strategically implemented decision now allows us to assist our small to medium sized wholesale customers on even a higher level than previously possible. Wholesalers in the program have the opportunity of providing their customers with ELiquid and E-Cig products represented by the Central Vapors established brand name.

Central Vapors growing presence in both Domestic and International markets is an ever increasing opportunity passed directly to our wholesale customers who wish to take advantage of the wholesale E-Liquid product line and program.

Wholesale Program Introduction

Our goal is to see every wholesale customer in the program operating successfully from selling quality eJuice Liquids while creating loyal customers who choose to visit your vape shop time and time again. Our low minimum order quantities allow smaller E-Cig shops to get started selling our unique line of E-Juice products with minimal commitment. Wholesale programs are tailored to fit your exact needs, sales strategy and long term goals not to mention your always backed by continued support and lighting fast delivery of your E-Cig products.
Quantities available range from bulk 50gal E-Liquid drums to retail ready 10ml bottles. Programs integrated this year now allow website and retail store owners to purchase branded products for resale which in turn benefit from Central Vapors ongoing marketing efforts.


SUPERCHARGE  Your Vape Shop With The Best Wholesale Vape Juice

We work with you to determine the most cost effective method for any particular situation and budget. Central Vapors Wholesale E-Liquid line includes over 200+ flavors in various nicotine strengths and PG/VG ratios as well multiple bottle size options. We take pride in providing exceptional and personalized customer support for all retailers in Central Vapors wholesale program along with the ensuring the lightning fast delivery of all orders so your shelves are always stocked and you can get back to running your store and what you do best.

If you’ve previously browsed our online retail selection of electronic cigarettes and seemingly endless E-Liquid flavors, you might have also seen the numerous reviews from delighted customers boasting about their E-Liquid. Whether it be a small retail purchase or large wholesale order, customer satisfaction is our first priority. The rubber meets the road with our unbeatable satisfaction guarantee which covers all our vapor liquids for taste and quality or your money back!


The Central Vapors Advantage


U.S.A eJuice Liquids

All Central Vapor eJuice products are 100% U.S.A. made. The best ingredient only sourced from the U.S.A to ensure safety and quality of our products. eJuice liquids contain flavoring, optional Nicotine, USP-Grade and Certified Kosher VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol). We also never "add" or incorporate diacetyl to our flavor lineup.

Our Guarantee and Partnership

Our guarantee is plain and simple, and it is that if you partner with us we are going to pave the way for you to begin and continue to have a successful business. If you purchase flavors from us that don't sell, we will take them back and stock your shelves with a ejuice flavor that IS selling. All flavors were formulated and reformulated until it was perfect but what we've come to realize is what is popular in one part of America is not always as popular in another. By doing this we're ensuring that we will both be increasing our sales, neither party benefits from your shelves being filled with products that don't sell. At Central Vapors we consider everyone family. We hope to bring success to your company by building a lasting partnership. To achieve this we have to keep up to date with all the new products, if you want to sell a product we don't yet carry just let us know. We'll try and get that product or something equivalent at a great price, working together is what creates a successful partnership. What's going to make you successful will in turn make us successful, so we're happy to work with any of your ideas.

Multiple Bottle Sizes

At Central Vapors our standard shelf ready bottles sizes are 10, 30 and 50ml. However we are happy to work with you to bottle the liquids in sizes 5, 10, 15, 30, 50 plastic bottles, and even glass upon request. We currently sell our liquids in 10, 30 and 50 because that's what we've found that our customers have liked the best. We understand though that our demand may not be your demand, and we strive to offer what our wholesalers believe is the best for their business. Also available are Central Vapors bulk wholesale e Juices which come in large bottle sizes from 250ml to 1000ml quantities.

Competitive Pricing

We feel we offer one of the most competitive pricing structures around. We're going to work with you to come up with a price everyone is comfortable with based on your market. We may not have the lowest prices that you've ever seen, but we base that on quality. To build your brand you want to be proud of the products you offer and be able to stand behind them. We do, and you will be able to do the same. As the saying goes "You get what you pay for" lower priced items will have lower quality. We have found the perfect medium to offer very high quality products with the pricing tier that allows you to purchase at an affordable price.

Free shipping on orders $1000

Most companies starting out will originally place a large order to stock shelves, as a bonus we give any order over $1000 free shipping. This is not just for your first order, if ever you order that much shipping will always be free. All the shipping below $1000 is based on actual costs, we don't charge you any more for shipping costs than what it actually costs us to get it to you. All orders are shipped priority which takes 2-3 days if shipped to a U.S. location. If you're in a bind we also offer express shipping which once shipped it can get to you the next day in most cases. Express type services may be an additional cost.







Q: What if an E-Liquid flavor I ordered didn't sell as well as the others?

A: We replace it with another of your choice


Q: What if I want my brand name on the bottle?

A: Custom designed labels available feature your business name, logo etc.





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