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AW IMR 18350 MOD Battery

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1 - Battery - AW 18350
AW IMR 18350 MOD Battery

AW IMR 18350 3.7v 700mAh Li-MN High Drain Button Top Rechargeable Battery

Among the best batteries available. Perfect for your variable voltage ECig If quality is important to you, go with AW IMR batteries. AW batteries are known to be the best batteries in their class and popular among the vape community. They last a long time in between charges and work perfect in a mod vaporizer kit!

The 18350s allows the possibility for using 2 batteries in some devices for a total of 7.4V delivered to your mod or device. Using two 18350 batteries rather than one 18650 results in longer battery life relative to the size of the batteries in most cases more power when higher voltages are used.

These AW batteries are designed to be recharged hundreds of times over and over again! So If quality and performance is important to you, choose AW IMR batteries.

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