Disposable 510 Silicone Drip Tips - Tester Tips

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Disposable 510 Silicone Drip Tips - Tester Tips

Excellent drip tips, fits basically all Vaporizer tanks with 510 style removable drip tip!


Best choice for sampling your eJuice line in the most sanitary way possible! These new individually sealed disposable 510 drip tips work with most any style vaporizer tank with a removable 510 connection. Every 510 silicone disposable drip tip come individually sealed in plastic and are available in several colors and as well as the traditional clear or transparent color. Great for use with any device that uses drip tips including Aspire, Kanger, Horizon Arctic, I Clear, Vivi Nova as well as CE4 and CE5 clearomizers with non-threaded mouthpieces. Drip tip base is a standard 8mm in diameter and 25mm tall.

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