Mahero 18650 - 3000mAh 35A

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1 - Mahero 18650 - 3000mAh 35A
Mahero 18650 - 3000mAh Batteries

Mahero 18650 3000mah Battery

Mahero IMR flat top 3000mah 3.7v rechargeable batteries are the newest addition in the line of of Mahero's 3.7V IMR Safe chemistry batterie. These 3000mAh 35A cells can handle high some seriously high amperage and are safe to use in series / multi-cell applications.




MaHero 18650

MaHero Battery Details:

Size: 18650
Nominal Capacity:3000mAh
Max. Discharge Current : 35A
CDC :Continuous Discharge Current: 20A
Weight:48.0g max
Cycle life: 500
Voltage: 3.7V

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