Ceramic Heat Resistant Tweezers Pointed Tip

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1 - Ceramic Tweezers - Stainless - Pointed Tip
Ceramic Heat Resistant Tweezers Pointed Tip

These ceramic heat resistant tweezers have a pointed tip which makes for a handy tool when rebuilding your RDA RBA coils. The heat resistant tweezers will not only keep you safe, but also increase your productivity and accuracy when building coils for RDA and RBA tanks.

The most common use for these ceramic tweezers is to help stiffen the wire wraps of coils so they will be that much tighter.  For example, after installing a coil on your rebuildable atomizer, heat the coil until it turns red hot then place your tweezers on the coil and squeeze it until the coil cools.  If you were to use normal tweezers to do this they would quickly become very hot and unsafe.

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